Blue Moon Music Rebranding

For this project, we were asked to find a company and give it a new logo as well as a new branding campaign. I chose a vintage music equipment store called Blue Moon Music.

For this project we were asked to find a local business that is in need of a new logo and a rebranding campaign. I chose Blue Moon Music. The photo above shows their only piece of branding. It is a blue sign with white text and no logo or illustration whatsoever.  I chose to interpret the blue moon literally and nest it inside of a treble clef symbol and then place the store name onto music bars. For the typeface, I wanted a retro, art deco style because this store specializes in vintage guitars and amplifiers. 
This is the new logo I created. As I mentioned above, I wanted the typeface to have a retro feel and communicate that the store is mainly about vintage musical equipment, such as guitars and amplifiers that you can only find 'once in a blue moon'.
This is a business card that includes the new logo on one side and continues the retro font but supplies important contact information. I wanted a clean and simple look for the card, I didn't want it to be too busy since business cards are small and legibility is the most important thing. The reverse side of the card simply shows the new logo by itself.
This is my proposed new letterhead for Blue Moon Music. It includes vital contact information, as well as the new logo and two different placements of the moon by itself. The two moons have a reduced opacity so they don't show up as strong as the logo in the top left corner. 
Here is a guitar pick that I propose the store could sell and/or give away to promote the branding and awareness of the business. I separated the two main elements of the new logo design. On one side is the treble clef with the blue moon and on the other side is the name of the company in the vintage typeface.
In this photo, I have taken the new logo and applied it to the side of the building as well as proposed a new double sided sign that is highly visible and has much more style and voice than the previous sign that was simply white text on a blue backgroud.
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